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Lucidea and Anziu by Venturiantale-lions1 Lucidea and Anziu :iconventuriantale-lions1:Venturiantale-lions1 3 0 Eloise and Talka by Venturiantale-lions1 Eloise and Talka :iconventuriantale-lions1:Venturiantale-lions1 1 1
Talka and Miba Chapter 5 and 6
So a few days past, and they had to return to school. They were nervous of how the kids would react with them being missing for a week. There was a rumor that said that they ditched school to go to all the amusement parks around their neighborhood. When they entered school, the students kept saying what happened and why they missed school. Miba told the students what actually happened and they were shocked. When they entered class people kept asking how that happened, but Toji said,"Look class, she's fine. Now we need to start class. The bell rang." Everyone got ino their seats. Talka and Miba had to write notes for the days they missed and get homework for the days they missed. During lunch, Talka left school to get his lunch while Miba hung out with some girls she became friends with. They sat in the benches outside the school. "So, how did you get hurt?",asked a girl named  Lacey. "Oh, it's a very long story.",said Miba. "So..that new piece of jewlery..who gave it to you?",aske
:iconventuriantale-lions1:Venturiantale-lions1 0 0
Siwon from Super Junior (Gift) by Venturiantale-lions1 Siwon from Super Junior (Gift) :iconventuriantale-lions1:Venturiantale-lions1 1 2 Being a Half Blood FanArt (wattpad story) by Venturiantale-lions1 Being a Half Blood FanArt (wattpad story) :iconventuriantale-lions1:Venturiantale-lions1 2 0 Cat Girl FanArt (wattpad story) by Venturiantale-lions1 Cat Girl FanArt (wattpad story) :iconventuriantale-lions1:Venturiantale-lions1 0 0 New ID by Venturiantale-lions1 New ID :iconventuriantale-lions1:Venturiantale-lions1 2 0
Talka and Miba Chapter Four
                                *BACK WITH TALKA AND MIBA*
They wer done with their picnic and returned to the pond. They sat their for a while. Miba rested her head on Talka's shoulder.  Talka wrapped his arm around Miba's shoulders. Everybody thought they were a couple since they were really close. They didn't care,they just kept staring at the pond. After five minutes,Talka got a call. He was confused. "Um,Miba. We'll come back later. We need to return to your house.",said Talka. Talka grabbed Miba's arm and left. They went to her house. When they entered the house,Talka searched all of the rooms. "Talka,what's going on?", said Miba. "Um, someone got in your house...",said Talka without thinking. Miba's eyes widened. "W-what?! Who?!",said Miba. His eyes widened. "Oh shoot! I said it! Well, they don't knoe who..",said Talka. "Talka, how could we let this happen?! What if this person comes back, but t
:iconventuriantale-lions1:Venturiantale-lions1 0 48
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~~~~~~~~~Kendra's POV~~~~~~~~~~~
"Kendra! Focus!",yelled my mom. I sighed as I fell on my knees. I was exhausted. "Don't you think I am mother?! This isn't easy!",I yelled back. I look outside as I see a bright red color. "I can tell! You burned our neighbor's garden!",yelled my mother. I sighed. I look and see my neighbor's garden. The violets, roses, sunflowers, everything was burned. The firefighter came ten minutes after the incident. I can tell how angry my neighbors were. They kept giving me ugly stares. "I'm sorry. You're going to spend your Saturday morning helping me fix their garden.",my mom said. I gasped and turned to look at my mom. "But mom! Maggie and I were going to the mall on Saturday!", I complained. My mother shook her head and said, "No complaining. That's your punishment. I'm going to make dinner.",said my mother as she walked out of my room. I groaned and fell on my bed.
I'm guessing you guys are confused on what's going on right? My name is Kendra and I'm a Maji. Let me explain what a Maji is. A Maji is a person that has special powers. For example, we have telekinesis, fire, frost, ice, water, heat, healing, etc. Our hair and eyes turn into a different color when our powers are being used. For example, if I use frost, my hair and eyes will turn into a gray-ish blue. Our eyes can also change whenever we feel an emotion. For example, if we're angry, our eyes turn red. But we can control that more than our powers. All the Majis know each other, well sorta, but humans cannot know about us being a Maji. If a human finds out, you either have to erase their memories, but not every Maji has that power, or you will be either punished by going to prison, or executed. I will be getting my Maji powers permanently at the age 17, which is near. My birthday is in a few days.
I forgot, let me talk about myself. My name is Kendra. I'm 16 years old. I wear round rimmed glasses, even though I don't really need them anymore. I have brown hair dyed blonde on the tips, I have brown eyes, and I'm pretty serious most of the time, but once you get to know me, I change a little.
I close my eyes for a few seconds as I feel my phone vibrating. I look at my phone as I saw someone sent me a text message. "Open the window and let down the ladder! It's freezing here! And it's barely 4:00PM!", said the text message. I laugh as I know who sent it without looking at the name I used. It was my best friend Maggie. I walked up to the window and opened it. I look out of the window and see Maggie. "Has my Romeo finally came?",I said teasingly. "Shut it and let me it!",yelled Maggie laughing. I nodded and gotten the ladder. We were used to her getting up here by ladder, so we kept doing that ever since.
Let me tell you a little about Maggie. She has very beautiful blue eyes, and black hair dyed dark blue, light blue, and red. She likes to wear her favorite leather jacket with green stripes. She mostly wears dark clothing. She is a very fun and energetic girl and we've been best friends since we were 6.
I move away from the window so Maggie can climb up. I turn around for a second to get my sketchbook, and then turn back quickly as I heard a thud. It was Maggie sprawled on the floor. I began to laugh. "Come on Maggie! You've been doing this for ten years! I thought you would get a hang of it already!",I said between my laughter. Maggie sighed. "Yeah yeah. Just help me up before I break those glasses of yours!",yelled Maggie as she extended her arm. She was a short tempered person. I finally stopped laughing and helped Maggie up. "Sorry. Just that today isn't my day.",I said looking down. Maggie frowned. "Another Maji accident..?",asked Maggie. I led Maggie to the window so she can see my neighbor's house. The whole garden was a pitch black. I could hear my neighbor's arguing. Maybe about me and if they should move or not. Maggie gasped. "You messed up. BIG TIME.",said Maggie still staring at the garden. I sighed and turned around. "I know! Don't remind me! Now guess who's going to spend their Saturday morning helping the neighbors?",I said annoyed. Maggie sighed. "What about our mall trip?!",asked Maggie. "I can still go..but later. How about 1PM?",I asked. Maggie nodded. "That's fine. I really have nothing to do on Saturday.",said Maggie. I smiled and nodded. "So..are you still mad with Scott..?",Maggie asked. I sighed and rolled my eyes at hearing that name. "Is that even a question?! Of course I am!",I yelled.
Scott is Maggie's other close friend. I was close friends with him too, but he did something to me that was unforgivable. He never apologized and he said he never did anything. I can't forgive him for that. It all started with me calling him a jerk. Now the only time we talk, is when we call each other names. He has black hair that's dyed two different colors of green, and red. He also has blue eyes. He is also the heartthrob at school. It disgusts me though.
Maggie sighed. "Come on! It's been two years! There's always times when I want to hang out with both of you! But I can't because I'm afraid Scott will hurt you, or you'll burn him!",complained Maggie.
Oh I forgot! Maggie knows about me being the Maji. The ruler of the Maji's allowed her to know because they know she means no harm.
I sighed. "I'm sorry Maggie, but he did something unforgivable, and denied it. I won't talk to him until he apologizes.",I said. Maggie sighed. "Well, okay then..Can you please help me with my drawing? This art class will only accept me as long as I know how to draw a decent human.",said Maggie. I laughed and nodded. "Of course. Get your paper and pencil out.",I said and Maggie did everything. It was 8:00 PM and Maggie had to leave. When Maggie left, I decided to go to sleep.
I was walking with Maggie to our last class. History. I was talking to Maggie until Scott came and decided to talk to Maggie. "Hey Maggie. Are you busy today? That new movie we want to watch is coming out today.",asked Scott. Maggie jumped. "Awesome! I'm free. How about after school?",asked Maggie. Scott nodded. Maggie then touched Scott's shoulder. "Scott..did the guys play another prank on you? The fabric of your uniform is stained purple.",said Maggie. Scott sighed and nodded. "Just another stupid prank. But don't worry. I like how it looks, makes my uniform look different than everyone else's.",said Scott. I rolled my eyes and groaned. "No. It makes you look like a slob!",I said. Scott looked at me. "Oh yeah? You dress up like a stupid secretary who needs to party more, which reminds me...when was the last time you went out to a party! Or gotten outside of your house?",asked Scott. "I have my reasons Scott!",I yelled knowing my eyes were turning red. "Well you look at the time me and Kendra have to go to history! See you after school Scott!",yelled Maggie as she grabbed my arm and we rushed to class. We were late of course. If it wasn't for Scott. He was a year older than us, so we don't have the same classes together. I just wished for school to be over so I can practice my Maji powers.
I was walking home. I got a call from Maggie. "Hey Maggie. What's up?",I said. "Oh nothing. I'm going to the theater with Scott later. He had to do something before going to the theater.",said Maggie. I rolled my eyes. "Typical him. Make sure he won't ditch you.",I said. Maggie laughed and said,"He won't don't worry. Gotta go eat lunch. Bye." Maggie hung up. I finally made it home when I see the person I wanted to see the least.
"Mom..what is HE doing here?!",I asked.
My mother sighed. "Kendra...we have some news..",my mother said.
I was kind of scared. "Okay...what is it..?",I asked.
" going to live with us from now on..",said my mother.
A Maji And Her Secret pt.1
Hello I'm back!!! And i have a new story! I hope you like it! I have more chapters to post in the future!!!

also. Sorry I havent been on Deviantart. Lot. Ive been pretty busy. But I'm back and I will try to post more art now!

That's all.bye!! :icongrin--plz: BTS V Taehyung Smile BTS Emoticons#5 [Bangtan Boys] [BTS] JHope BTS Jihope torture emoticon BTS Emoticons#9 done with your shit [BTS] Jnope 
If you're wondering why I'm not online that much or not posting any art, it's not because I'm leaving or I don't like Deviantart anymore. I've just been busy with school and I don't have that much time to draw or go on Deviantart. I also don't have any ideas for drawing. If you guys coukd help by giving me ideas or if you guys want to do an art trade with me. 
So that's what I wanted to say. I don't want you guys to think that I'm leabing deviantart or I don't like deviantart anymore.

Also, this is just because. A few weeks ago, I had the best day of my life! :D On October 3, I went to the BIGBANG concert in Staples Center for their MADE World Tour! I had so much fun and I was so close to where they were! :D

Seungri Giggle Top (Big Bang) GD (BigBang) Top (Big Bang) GD (BigBang)  (Just some random emoticons)


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Im a girl who loves everything of lion king,lions, and drawing. I also love Kpop. My favorite Kpop band is BIGBANG. I also like to do art trades and rps with my OCs Talka and Miba. XD The picture in my deviant ID is a collage I made of J-Hope from the k-pop boy band BTS. BTS Is one of my favorite bands and J-Hope is my ultimate bias xD

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